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What You Need to Know about Magento 1 End of Life

There was an announcement that Magento end of life if June 2020 in the year 2018. The support that retails ware getting in terms of eCommerce support is going to stop in June 2020 since it is the end of life of magento. Because of the above reason, stores are left with no security updates that is to keep their sites secure. Therefore, stores are left with a choice to make of either upgrading or selecting to have another eCommerce support. One of the perfect time that one can change the platform or upgrade to Magento 2 is now. If you are looking for the top eCommerce platforms, you can get some like Magento, Shopify and woo commerce. Since Magento 1 has its end of life, you need to look for a better alternative if you are not upgrading. You need to make your big move if you have not supposed doing so since Magento has announced its end of life.

Redesigning of your store is one of the things that you need to do irrespective of the route that you take. One can have some challenges during the process pf redesigning depending with the current looks of your store. The redesigning process need to have a plan before you make any move on it. When one has a plan or redesigning, he or she is able to know if certain functionalities and user experience can be managed. You need to wait until it reaches a trading period for you to launch your new move to reduce disruption.

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You need to start drawing your needs and making conversation with potential eCommerce agencies early. For people who are going to remain with Magento, the best option that they need to have in Magento 2. The difference that is there between Magento 1 and Magento 2 is that in Magento 2, there is more functionalities and features than in Magento 1. You should not get worried about getting another update for the next few years when you have Magento 2. The main reason that makes staying with Magento hard is the fact that there is still high cost of development. Staying with Magento 2 is the best option when you cannot get the services that you want from other platforms.

Due to change in time, there are new eCommerce platforms that have emerged making Magento be the second platform. Many of the stores cannot manage to pay the amount of money that Magento is charging them hence staying with Magento become difficult. Therefore, the best option that this shops can have is to move from Magento to Shopify. If your business cannot get the support it needs from a standard Shopify, you need to move to Shopify plus.


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